My Love Is Underground

Apparently there are people sharing our love for early NJ / NYC deep House music. Some even taking it a step further than we do and starting a label to promote that sound. My Love Is Underground is Paris based and has done 4 releases that are commercially available and one 7” that was only sold at a label night. All of this is right up everyone who likes labels like Bottom Line, Music Station, Nu Groove and alike his or her alley. Or – for the less anal among us – sure-fire stuff for those loving that warm House sound heavy on bass, snares and organ sounds. Two EP’s contain previously unreleased gems by Nathaniel X and Jerzzey Boy, the two other (and the limited 7”) are newly made ones by Brawther and Kool Vibe. All very, very good, trust us.

Check them out on Facebook, Soundcloud and Discogs.