22tracks.com. Future Beats.

Yesterday 22tracks.com launched the Belgian version of its website. It might not come as much of a surprise to our most avid followers that we’re one of the selectors involved. Together with our good friend Alex Deforce from On-Point we’re choosing tracks for the “Future Beat” section. What that exactly means future will tell. We see it as another way to push undiscovered talent we like just like we do with our RELEASE project (it’s no coincidence the same people are involved). So we’ll slip in as much Belgian forward thinking productions in as possible and some international cats we feel have talent that needs to be (re)discovered.

So feel free to send us your stuff. music@re-lease.be is the place to aim it to.

In the meanwhile keep on checking the website. We’ll add 5 new tracks every week. Do check out out colleagues on it too. Lots of very good friends involved.