Belgian Beats.

With the celebrations of our nation’s independence and whatnot just behind us it’s time to point you in the direction of some Belgian music releases we like a lot.

One of many fun things about selecting the 22tracks list with On-Point is that he hooks us up with tunes we would otherwise likely to miss out on. The many good things he told us about Soul-T’s live gigs made us curious about this upcoming Brussels based artist (for Brusseleirs he will be a familiar face, no doubt). Haven’t experienced him live but his newly released free demo promises a lot. Would love to see him work with some of the front runners of our music scene. Should result in some bangers, no doubt. Winners for me on the album are the track with Cris Prolific (which you’ll find on the Laid Back compilation too) and “You’re All I Need”.  Quality homegrown Soul music.

Second artist is no stranger to all who’s been following us closely. A very prolific one and thus regularly featured here. Cupp Cave releases mainly on Surf Kill, Vlek and Unrezt (but has an vast army of monikers with output on other labels too). His “Throat Meat EP” on that last label has some straight up beats mixed with the more House-oriented excursion he made lately on it. Like always an overall tight production that’s a must have for all who loves his music edgy, slightly weird and with a lot of oomph.

More Cupp Cave. Vlek is giving away a Sagat remix of his “Mind Bones” track. You know we are big fans of this young Brussels based producer so we gladly share that with y’all. Lovely to see that he’s slowly but surely putting some stuff out. You can catch Sagat doing his live thing at 10 Days off this Friday (on the only day we think is an overall winner with Martyn, 2562 and Blawan on the bill too) or at Bruksellive next Saturday.

And a last one. Every chance we get to mention our 22tracks list we take with both hands. We try to slip in as much homegrown beats in that one as we can and this week you’ll see one from the Cupp Cave EP mentioned above and an all exclusive MonkeyRobot one. Love the new stuff they’ve sent us a lot. Somebody give them a record deal. They’ve got some pure gold in their vaults. Other producers should keep hooking is up with their beats too, by the way. As we are slowly building up to some new RELEASE events we would like to increase the Belgian share of our list considerably.