We haven’t missed one Bruksellive up until now. Quite proud of that. From the soaked first one on we’ve had fun and this year looks like it’s going to be the best one yet. A lot of names we’re big fans of (Cinematic Orchestra, Benji B, Zed Bias), a lot of locals we call friends (Spirit Catcher, 74 Miles Away, Title & Delvis, Sagat, Lemakuhlar and San Soda) and some I’m certainly going to give a check (SX,  Stijn, Jungle By Night and Motek). At least if that’s possible without stretching the laws of physics. Big up to Dieter, Lukas and co for making it happen again.

And with so many friends and likeminded artists backstage, combined with all the free beer, I feel a legendary radio show coming up. I’ll be running around recording quotes, for sure.

Anyway, see you on Saturday. Entrance is free. Weather will be nice, no doubt. We open the stage in the amphitheatre so come early.