What A Lovely Weekend.

We kicked off the new season of OUR PARTY in style this Saturday. Even though there was a lot of other decent and hyped options that night, many people chose our event. Which felt really good. It was also nice to see everyone enjoying themselves on the dance floor. It’s nice to see that the bar area empties at the end of the night way before the same things happens on the dance floor.

The sound system performed perfectly as always. A massive big up to Lieven and Tia from Soundsystem.be for their excellent service. Always provided with love. With as a result a sound no party in Brussels comes close to. Not even the other ones with a Funktion One. Also courtesy of our Urei rotary mixer and Bozak isolator. If all goes well we’ll have a fully Bozak mixing console next time. Which should upgrade the sound even a notch or two more. Looking forward to that.

Big up to Maurice Fulton too for playing an ace set. Mixing Disco, Funk and whatnot with the deepest and craziest House without ever losing the groove. Delivering how we hoped he would. It’s nice to see how deep you can go without creating the Moses-effect on the dance floor (that thing he did with the Red Sea). Having an open minded crowd is the other element you need next to a good DJ for a killer party.

Big up to all who helped us out too. All voluntary and with a smile. A lot of people asked me how we manage it financially. The answer is ‘with a lot of love’. Having the best party we can imagine and not lose any money organising that. Those are our 2 main concerns. It’s a comfortable position when you can live of the joy it gives you. From organisers to resident DJs to everyone helping. That’s how we manage. Maybe a bit hippie but it actually feels good to not have money as your main concern from time to time. Certainly if y’all keep on coming and enjoying OUR PARTY like you did up until now. Haha.

Which brings me to our dancers. A very big up to you. Because we can organise our ideal party as perfect as we want, it would be a major bummer if no one would enjoy it. We even had people from Luxembourg and Amsterdam. Such things are worth far more to us than golden nuggets. Keeps us buzzing for days. Which makes us get up really early and attend fm brussel outside from early on despite the late hour we got home. It made me so zen I didn’t mind the idiots riding a bike but lacking the skills to do so or the rain. Enjoyed all DJ-sets I heard (Bojangles, The Red Bamboo, Rim-K and L-Fêtes). Big up to the Koen, Koen, Karl, Elye, Nathalie and the rest of the fm brussel crew. And the Cafe Merlo for the drinks.