A big up to everyone who made last weekend a very good one. Nuit Blanche was hectic as always. Enjoyed the live sets by Sam A La Bamalot and Full Crate and Mar and Grown So Ugly’s DJ-set a lot. Heard lots of fresh music. Didn’t expect the end of night set we did together with Alex Deforce from On-Point and Jazz Neversleeps to turn out this wild. Lots of banging tracks with some exclusives slipped in between that got a mad crowd response. Half naked people on stage. Hilarious scenes but above all a lot of smiling and dancing. We should do this more often.

Check our Flickr account for pictures of RELEASE x Nuit Blanche.

Sunday was nice on a completely other level. More laid back but a chance to try out some other records. Deeper things. On a ridiculously nice system for a bar. Being used to barely recognisable as such gear that you have to give some basic first aid treatment before being able to play on it, it was a very nice surprise to find 2 shiny new CDJ2000s and a DJM900 in perfect condition. Big up to Apero. Thanks for all the nice words we’ve got too. Always nice to hear that. Haha. Thanks to Raoul for inviting us. Could spend every Sunday evening like this.