A Shouting contest?

One of the fun things about the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards is that some underdogs, like ourselves, have united themselves to compete with the big boys. That alone is worth all the fuzz for us. Here’s the joint statement we’ve released:

Sure, you could eat & drink @ Subway, Mc Donalds, Starbucks and other representatives of industrial food culture every single day, and if you handle it wisely it isn’t even bad for you. But don’t we all like to look for that little hidden place off the beaten track? Isn’t it satisfying to support something or someone that does things a little bit different? Damn right it is!

Music and other cultural awards are usually handled along the same line: those who shout the loudest are the most heard, those who are more subtle get lost in the process and don’t even bother to shout and just prefer to keep doing what they’re doing and see what happens along their merry way.

When the nominees for this year’s Red Bull Elektropedia Awards – call it the oscars of the Belgian electronic music industry – were announced, it was a surprise that alongside some of the biggest shouters in the business, there were also a bunch of unexpected names: the On-Point crew, Onda Sonora’s Our Party, the elusive Nosedrip and the extended We Play House Recordings family. Three organisations who defy the general rule of the music industry by simply getting along and supporting each other whilst having too much beers in the process.

So now, are we going to beg for your vote? Are we going to be working with a marketing agency to get our message ‘out there’? Of course not, we prefer that you keep supporting us by buying and playing our vinyls and downloads, by coming to our parties, by simply checking out what we are doing. But we would surely find it quite funny if one of us would actually upset the shouters and go on to win an award. So no begging for your vote, but you sure as hell could help us to shout without actually shouting 😉

Go to www.redbullelektropedia.be/awards and follow the simple instructions.

You can find ‘us’ in:

Best artist: San Soda (We Play House Recordings)
Best DJ: Raoul Belmans & Red D (We Play House Recordings)
Best live act: Title & Delvis (On-Point)
Best party: Our Party (Onda Sonora)
Best album: San Soda – Immers & Daarentegen (We Play House Recordings)
Best song: Lemakuhlar & Red D – Is Essit (We Play House Recordings)
Best remix: André Lodemann – Riven Reminisces (San Soda Remix)
Best label: On-Point & We Play House Recordings
Best breakthrough: Nosedrip

See you at the next party

On-Point, Onda Sonora, Nosedrip & We Play House Recordings”.