Playlist Radio Show 25/10/2011 – Alton Miller In The Studio.

The last few days before we are dancing at OUR PARTY to the music Alton Miller will select and play. That’s why we invited him for a talk. Which was lots of fun. Lovely to hear somebody from Detroit, currently living in Chicago raving about our hometown.

Do check the exclusive mix Alton Miller did for us here.

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Ronnie Laws – All For You – United Artists
Osiris – War On The Bullshit – Baad!
Dayton – The Sound Of Music – Capitol
Swamp Children – You’ve Got Me Beat – Strut
Kleeer – Taste The Music – Atlantic
Alton Miller – Don’t Look Back – Yore
Alton Miller – Possibilities ft Lady Linn (Zoetic Remix) – R2
Inner Sense – Rawlin’ – My Love Is Underground
Michael Watford – Holdin’ On (Shelter Mix) – Big Beat
Martyn – Masks – Brainfeeder
Stayshon 2 Stayshon – My, my, my – Kanduet Records