Al Kent & Onda Sonora – Million Dollar Disco.

If someone would have told the 20-year old me that Onda Sonora would one day do a short promo mix for BBE he wouldn’t have believed it. BBE was the label that schooled me about a lot of music but most of all about Disco. The Disco Spectrum series was my bible and all what followed were stepping stones to an out of control addiction to the genre.  So it was a big honour to be asked to put together a 20 minute mix with only tracks from their back catalogue. Something to which we said yes without thinking much. The fact that a 20 minute Disco mix is an outrageous concept, that the choice to pick out of is immense and that we had very little time to put it together were issues that only mildly bothered us while doing it. Haha. So thanks to Ben, Lee, Julien, Al and everyone involved for the chance.

The mix itself is coupled with an Al Kent one to promote his “Best Of Disco Demands” 5xCD collection. Another ace release in a series of killer Disco compilations on the label. 2011 was already great with the second part of the M&M Mixes, Disco Love 2, the second Mr. Peabody compilation and the Americana one and 2012 promises to be just as good. Lovely to see they’re still able to produce killer compilations after so many years.

Enjoy the mix and buy all the BBE Disco you can find. It will make your world a more happy place. Guaranteed.