OUR PARTY last Saturday was a big success. Lots of people dancing to the music we love. We didn’t really know what to expect of the change of venue but in every possible way it was a big hit. Even though it was hard work, we enjoyed every single minute of it all. Big up to everyone at Bronks for giving us this chance and all the work you’ve put into it. It’s a joy to work with y’all. Big up to cafe Merlo for helping us out with a few things during the night. Big up to Mezzdub and Ashley Beedle for the great sets. Big up to everyone who came and danced. You being with so many opens up new doors for us. We don’t do OUR PARTY to earn money, what we get, goes out again. If we can keep this up we might make some of our absolute, and up until now somewhat unreachable, dreams happen. Although we’ll always go for quality first. Rather than going for big names we go for DJs we know are good and who have made an impression on us.

Next edition for instance we bring over Kev Beadle. A DJ who’s been a big influence on us through his radio shows, compilations, residency at Southport Weekender & Suncébeat and the line-ups he puts together for those 2 festivals (the Beat Bar has been our favourite dancing spot for years). March 31st at Bronks.

Rests us one final big, big thank you. To all who helped us out behind the bar, at the entrance, by collecting glasses or cleaning up in the end. We couldn’t do this without your  voluntary help. We can’t stress enough how we appreciate your efforts.

More pics taken during the party are available over here.