Playlist Radio Show 21.02.2012.

Somehow we ended up playing not a single House music track this week. Lots of Funk, Beats, Wave and, above all, difficult to define music though. All good, of course. Some old, some new and some re-issued.

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James Mason – I Want Your Love – Rush Hour
Loscobeats – #2 – CDR
Mo Kolours – Banana Wine – One-Handed
Jameszoo – Slaves Mass – Kindred Spirits
Mandré – Iles Dans l’Espace – Motown
El Kid – Mud – Left Blank
Hard Corps – Dirty – Minimal Wave
Phillipe Laurent – Distorsion – Minimal Wave
The Meters – It Ain’t No Use – Reprise
Chicago – I’m A Man (part 2) – CBS
Southern Energy Ensemble – F-U-N-K-Y Til The Day I Die – Harmless