Playlist Radio Show 06/02/2012.

Due to computer troubles we haven’t been able to update the site. But those are gone now so here is the playlist of the last radio show. The listen again thing is apparently also experiencing difficulties as it’s still playing last week’s show. We try to get everything fixed as soon as possible.

The Singers Unlimited  РClair РMPS
Slum Village – Players – Wordplay
Krts – Hold (The Clonious Holding On) – Project Mooncircle
Club Nouveau – Why You Treat Me So Bad – Warner Bros
BB&Q Band – Time For Love – Capitol
Kasso – One More Round – Rams Horn
Maxmillion Dunbar – Polo – LARJ
Fingers Inc. – Feelin’ Sleazy – Jack Trax
Konk – Alien Jam – Dog Brothers
Yello – You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess – Strut
Franck Roger – Bring It Back (Maya Jane Coles Remix) – Real Tone
Das Ding – H.S.T.A. – Minimal Wave
MMMOld Aparatus (Meets Shangaan Electro) – Honest Jons
Tshetsha Boys  РRP BOO (Meets Shangaan Electro) РHonest Jons
Ssaliva – Night Landing – Vlek Records