Playlist Radio Show 13/03/2012.

This week we’ve got new stuff from Mo Kolours, MonkeyRobot and Arttu, gems dug up recently in second hands shops in London and closer to home and a farewell track to the genius that was Mandré. Enjoy.

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2 Belgen – Dancing Thoughts – Vogue
Mo Kolours – Mini Culcha – One Handed
Mandré – I Like Your Freaky Ways – Motown
Weldon Irvine – We Gettin’ Down – BMG
Syreeta – I Love Every Little Thing About You – MoWest
Mass Production – Shanté – Cotillon
MonkeyRobot – Bright – CDR
Arttu – Soul Stream – 4 Lux
The Tone – Early To Rise – Bass Boys
Diana – Paradise (Exotic Mix) – EMI
Circle Children – Zulu (Ndoka Gboya Mix) – Strictly Rhythm