Future Standards.

Up until now we’ve been handling our bookings ourselves. It’s not a huge amount of work and this way we are sure we don’t end up at the wrong parties. On the other hand it isn’t our favourite side of the game as we are way too friendly in negotiations and can’t be bothered to hustle for gigs. We’ve always been prepared to hand this to someone we can trust, who understands our ways and is good at the chasing gigs thing. That day has finally come.

We found a booking agent in Dieter; former host of our radio show, co-organiser of OUR PARTY, esteemed member of the Onda Sonora family and good friend for years now. There are few others who know and understand what we do better than him and as programmer for Bruksellive and the guy who handles the OUR PARTY bookings we’ve seen him take care of that part of the business quite well. So we’re very pleased he’s our agent.

We’re also very pleased about being part of such a nice roster. All friends we respect a lot as DJs or producers. All cats we think should be far more prolific. Hope Dieter can make that happen.

Do check the Future Standards website and book us for your quality parties.