This weekend we play 2 gigs we are very excited about. On Friday there’s the closing party of the Plek 322 project where young people kept alive a school that is about to be demolished and rebuilt whole summer long. In Vilvoorde, on the other side of the road as the now defunct Renault factory. We play in the Mo’Yo’Fro room hosted by 54Kolaktiv together with Walrus & SixSixSixties, Alex Deforce & Jazz Neversleeps, Phonetics, Wickzzz and Wahib. Squeezed between the first two of that list. A lot of DJs we respect a lot. In the other rooms you’ll find among many others Mezzdub, Borealis and Ben Daily. Bus 58 stops right in front of the venue.

On Saturday it’s back to our roots. Together with a lot of friends like Lefto, Soul Rebel, Vega, Proceed and many others we’ll rock the cosiest festival in De Rand (aka the belt around Brussels some people think has no relationship with it at all but we know better). It’s in our former home town and we actually started this event many years ago. Easy to say we’ve got a special bond with Spectakulo as we’ve had some legendary moments with DJs like Aardvark, Tom Trago, Kid Sublime, Benji B and others there in the past. We play quite early (just before midnight).

Entrance is free at both parties so no reason to stay home.