It’s been a while since we’ve done something RELEASE-related. Well, that’s about to change. First up we’re doing a classic Nuit Blanche version of the event. Bigger guests and now even 2 rooms. We thought we’d invite two acts who’s live-thing we’ve enjoyed last summer. San Soda impressed many at Tomorrowland and Chrome Brulée did a mighty fine job at Recyclart. Both acts have already graced our stage in the past in one form or another.

For the upstairs room we thought we’d do something completely different. We’ve been intrigued by the similarities of the current Belgian DIY electronic music scene and that of the early 80s that’s been an inspiration for, among other things, the überhip Minimal Wave label. So expect some key-figures from that scene too.

But this is only he beginning. Big plans are made for RELEASE and you can expect more noise from us, that’s On-Point and Onda Sonora, in the months to come.

But more about that later, let’s announce the BIG Nuit Blanche event first:

SATURDAY 06.10.2012

ROOM 01 – THE LEAVES – From 11pm on.
SAN SODA (live / We Play House Records)
Belgium’s very own deep house don dadda.

Collective consisting of Robert Magnet, Ricky Sunset, Tony Johnson, Achim Shredlove, Simon Mayhem & Club Cannibal making music that’s an ode to the golden days of chrome cassettes.

ON-PIONT vs ONDA SONORA Soundsystem (DJ)
Well the hosts of the evening behind the decks basically. Last year this led to half-naked people dancing on stage, this year we aim beyond that.

Hosted by JtotheC
Kuurne’s most energetic on the mic.


ROOM 02 – THE ROOTS – from 12pm on.
Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens were key members of legendary groups like Autumn, A Split Second, Linear Movement and many more and thus among the originators of the underground wave scene that’s getting the recognition it deserves nowadays.

AIME LE CHEVALIER (DJ / Walhalla Records)
Man behind the ‘Lost Tapes’ compilation on Minimal Wave, ‘Belgian Wave & Pop Songs from the 1980’s’ on Rush Hour and the great ‘Underground Wave’ series on his own Walhalla Records.

Brussels phenomenon as much behind the decks as on the dance floor with an amazing collection of records from this era as well as memories and stories.