Where to begin ? Last night turned out to be far more than I expected (and I had high hopes). Packed venue, superb music everywhere and some legendary moments to add to the RELEASE experience. Chrome Brulee delivering hard. Bringing the banging electronic Boogie so many try but fail to produce. San Soda showing what a real live one-man electronic music gig should be. No man who could just as well be reading mails on his laptop but working the hardware live and taking the room to heights they hadn’t expected. I enjoyed DJing before, between and after the gigs a lot. Making people dance to all different kinds of obscure but good music. Sharing the decks with Jazz Neversleeps and San Soda was as much an honour as it was a pleasure. Delvis and JtotheC freestyling on the mic made it only better. It’s moments like these that make to forget all the lesser ones a DJ has to endure. I jokingly stated in the interview for tv brussel that topping last year’s semi-naked people on stage would make this edition a success. Well, getting a bra thrown at us on stage sort of does, isn’t it ? Haha.

Upstairs was great too. Freddy Merckx surprising many with a very fine selection of 80s tunes and beyond. Loved the Twilight Ritual concert a lot too. Maybe not all of the people present fully grasped the more subtle sides but it was great. Also a big honour to meet Peter and Geert. Unsung giants of the Belgian music scene and very nice gents. Aimé Le Chevalier finally took the dance floor to a trip through Wave history. A shame I could only catch a few glimpses myself as I was playing downstairs. Will have to do it again so I can enjoy it to the fullest myself.

Rests me to thank a lot of people. First and foremost all the artists and crew for giving the best of themselves and being a joy to work with. Of course all the people at Beursschouwburg. Vincent, Koen, Rina, Frank, Manu and everyone who’s name I forgot to ask. It’s always a pleasure working at this lovely venue. Nuit Blanche for giving us the chance to do this. The up for it crowd being open to all the weird places we took them too. We got a lot of nice feedback already last night which felt nice. Dieter for helping out with making everything run smoothly on the night itself and last but not least the co-organizer Alex On-Point. This screams for more RELEASE.