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The new year promises to be interesting. A few very nice gigs lined-up already, some more we’re working on, an exciting edition of OUR PARTY coming up, … but above all a lot of fresh new plans and intentions we’re anxious to make happen.

First up the gigs. We play together with Kong & Gratts and Bjeor on January the 19th in Leuven. First edition of a new party concept happening at a club we’ve never been at. That alone is exciting enough but there’s more. Paradise Loft is aiming to bring back the spirit of Larry Levan and David Mancuso, when DJing was more than just playing the biggest hits of the moment. Something we can fully endorse.  So very much looking forward to that.

Saturday the week after that we play at fm brussel helpt, a benefit organised by our radio station for the homeless in Brussels. Something we gladly support of course. The advert in Humo and Tom Barman on the bill got us credibility with the friends and family but we’re mostly excited to share the decks with, among others, JtotheC & On-Point Soundsystem, Kwak and Yo.klb. Place to be is Beursschouwburg.

The week after that we play at both Bar Du Matin (Friday) and Flamingo (Saturday). The latter is together with our good friend Freddy Merckx who’s starting a night focussing on the darker side of the music spectrum. Wave, EBM and beyond. Past to present.

After that you can of course expect the upcoming edition of OUR PARTY (February 22nd) which will have Atjazz as special guest. Something to look forward to. And like said before more is to be confirmed.

Next to all this we’ll be uploading mixes more often and regularly. A few are being finished as we speak, both for our Mixcloud as for other online or on air projects. We’ll put some effort in recording them more often. Show some discipline and all that. Haha.

We think these mixes will also help to give y’all a clearer definition of what we stand for musically. We once started as DJs mixing mainly House and Hiphop but, almost 15 years later, we’ve deviated from that path more than a bit. Over the years we’ve added Reggae, Disco, Boogie, old school House, the more Bass-oriented new forms of electronica, (Fusion) Jazz, Beats and more recently all things Wave and related to our palette and although we can, and love, playing strict genre-wise defined sets every now and then, we absolutely adore going all out and mixing it all up. Like the regular listeners of our radio show will have noticed. It’s time we show that side of us online a bit more too.

Anyway, expect us to keep it doing differently, from the heart and not caring about the common sense this year yet a bit more focussed as before if all goes well. If you’re interested in working with us feel free to contact us (for guest-mixes, to send us music, naughty fanmail,  … ) or our booking agent (DJ-sets).