fm brussel helpt.

We will very rarely refuse to play at a benefit. Only when it’s for a wrong cause or it’s a blatant rip-off will we say no when doing what we love can help people. When our radio home fm brussel asked us if we would join this one we gladly said yes. Although raising money for Japan or Haiti meant more than an extra gig for us, this time the reason for the benefit is much closer to our heart, the homeless in Brussels.  Even if we’re privileged to have it well and well-aware of it their struggle isn’t as far off as an earthquake on the other side of the globe and our empathy is far more real. It’s something we’re confronted with on a daily basis and, honestly, something hard to handle. Giving money to everyone begging isn’t the solution but doing nothing ain’t the one either. Are all beggars homeless and in need of the money? Is that thought a bit cynic? Should I volunteer for something to ease my conscious? And other similar questions make it a difficult thing to bear sometimes.

Doing our bit at this benefit will be a first step for us to do something worthwhile and hopefully for others too. It shouldn’t have to be a one-off pass to some peace of mind. Hopefully this is a stepping stone to getting to know the problem better and finding ways to do something about it which are not just patches on the wound but treatments. So feel free to delve deeper into the problem. Like we always hope you with the music we play.

Full line-up and schedule here.

Saturday we play from 1 till 3 in one of the rooms (you’ll have to choose between us and Tom Barman, by the way). There are 3 rooms full of DJs and during the afternoon there are concerts, comedy and more. The latter is free, the evening part isn’t. Best buy your tickets in pre-sale as it looks like it’s gonna be a roadblock.

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