RADIO SHOW 26/02/2013 – Ynoji & 6SISS in the studio.


Next Tuesday Bonnefooi and Soundboldly, our joint effort with On-Point, organise their first Bedroom Beats event. This is a get together for producers and people who like forward thinking music made by local upcoming beatmakers where we’ll present new music through a demo-session and new artists through live gigs. More info about this here and here. The first 2 gigs will be by Ynoji and 6SISS and we invited them for a chat in our studio.

Listen to this show online all week long.

Glaxo Babies – Who Killed Bruce Lee (Version) – Rongo Rongo
Mo Kolours – Promise – One Handed
Empire State – Why Climb The Highest Mountain – Melodic
Ninjato – Kwong San Ninja – Caoutchou
6SISS – Drustonk – CDR
Ynoji– Solitude – Xtraplex
6SISS– Come Closer – Konfront
Ynoji– Perradox – Xtraplex
6SISS – And Swiveling Back To An Orange Blur – Konfront
Ynoji– Ambenika9 – Xtraplex
6SISS – Avrok – CDR
Ynoji – Polegar – Xtraplex
6SISS – Varogg – CDR
Ynoji – Roma – Xtraplex
6SISS – Varogg – CDR
State Of Art – Scoop ‘n’ Loop – Spittle
Oh Well – Oh Well – EMI