Radio Show 30/04/2013.

wareikathe maxx

Our weekly guided musical trip taking you to places you might not have noticed before. Off-the-beaten path, full of tunes you won’t hear anywhere else.

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Yazoo – Ode To Boy – Mute
Hello Skinny – Crush – Slowfoot
Landscape – Shake The West Awake – RCA
Dimlite – Swiss Air Towel (Higher) – Ripl
Valentine Brothers – Let Me Be Close To You – Energy
Strange U – Bad Trip Parent – Eglo
Davy DMX – One For The Treble – CBS
Jeedo – Make It Boom – Spills
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk – Mirda Rock – Sweet Mountain Records
Syclops – Michele’s H With C – Running Back
MTS & RDTH – A White Boy, A Mexican & An Engineer – Housetime
Wareika Hill Sounds – No More War – Honest Jons
The Maxx – Heavy – CIM
The Endless Poker’s – The Poke – DJ International