Radio Show 20/08/2013.

african head chargepilipili

This week we pretty much show off the records we dug up last few weeks. Mostly older stuff with one killer new track snuck in to see if y’all are paying attention.

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Last week’s show is available online here as due to technical problems it hasn’t been on the web yet.

O.P. – Runnin’ To Jamaica – New Groove
African Head Charge – Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline and Dignity – On U Sound
Jasper Van ‘t Hof – Virgin Jungle – Keytone
Human League – Thirteen – Virgin
Pension Stammheim – Madox-Mutanten – 5te Gangart
Haustor – Bolero – Jugoton
Hipnosis – End Title (Blade Runner) – Memory
Warp 9 – Light Years Away (Dub Version) – Prism
Sweat X – I’m That Alley – Citinite
Truth – Life (Tony‘s Tuff Mix) – Big Beat
Jervis Drive – Depth & Weight (Marcello Napoletano‘s Noise Is The Cure Mix) – Feelharmonic
Bobby Konders – Bad Boy Dance (Xrolls Groove) – Mercury