Site Updated.

A new look, a few structural changes but above all the intention to start sharing thoughts, discoveries and stories with you again. That is what this update is about. The reason of this return to adding our voice to the screaming herd of riled up sheep the internet is maybe deserves some extra words.

First and foremost we do this because our urge to share is one of the main forces that drives us. It is why we have become DJs, organisers, radio show hosts and why this website started many years ago. Over the years we have wondered more than once what the use was of making our voice heard over millions of others. If our opinion was more interesting than the others. If it was worth all the frustration of seemingly getting nowhere while others, by playing their cards right, got all the attention.

We do think our way is far more interesting than most others. It is this arrogance that keeps us doing what we do. One of the quirks we have is a relentless craving for fresh sounds and experiences. We are explorers and we love to share our journals. Like no one really discovered America nor Africa centuries ago but at best got it introduced to those not in the know yet, we will serve you music or experiences that you might not have heard from yet. We do not care about keeping you on point with the latest trends. There are a lot of people who do that far better than we ever can. The Gilles’ and Benji’s of this world. We pick out what we think are the good bits, past to present, and serve you those.

Like the personal diaries of the pioneers it will not be objective studies of what we hear and see but our take on it. We are no journalists. We have got far too much respect for this craft to claim that even though it seems bon ton to mistake your badly written and even worse researched contributions for journalism. It will be our very own interpretation of our already peculiar taste, not the universal truth nor neutral description. That is an arrogance we are without.

What about the frustrating part you mentioned, I hear you think. Well, we stopped caring about that a while ago. Without being able to pinpoint that moment exactly there has been a switch in our minds to just doing our own thing and accepting the consequences of that. We do things differently. We do not necessarily go against the grain, we rather cross it constantly, sometimes walk a few steps along with it and a few times we meet it coming from the other direction. The fact that not everybody follows us on this road is ok for us. It would even annoy the hell out of us if they did. So being mad about it seemed a bit absurd.

We do like to get credit where it is due. That has not changed. Something we do get every now and then. Usually, privately from wayward, slightly socially inept like ourselves, rarely from sources that would make our mums proudly show it off to all their friends. It are these small thumbs up that make us realise we are not shouting in a desert and motivate us to keep doing what we love doing. Like writing on this site. Or blogging as it was once called. So expect regular bouts of our world sipping through to this blog from now on. Packaged with a fair dose of nonsense. Or is it the other way around?