It has never been our intention to organise a nostalgic party. We are inspired by the non-conformism of the music we like from the 80s but aren’t stuck in the era.  To highlight this we have booked 2 up and coming acts, based in Brussels, to play live. Artists we have been following for a while now and are on the verge of being discovered by a wider audience. Musicians with a similar fondness for the moods and sounds originated in the 80s but with a firm modern side to their productions. Artists that do their thing without a compulsory need to fit in with the popular nor the common.



Someone who has been around for quite a while now but known only by a far too small in-crowd. With a release just out on Days Of Being Wild and a track on the forthcoming Treasure hunting Vol. 2 on Astro Lab (among fancy folk like Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe and Pilooski) that’s surely about to change. Supreme moody electronics tailor-made for our party.


Another well-kept secret on the Brussels scene that’s about to reach a far wider audience soon. With a release planned on the label one of the finest Belgian party concepts is about to start their brand of updated minimal wave will be soon the beat to which we all dance.



Place to be:
London Calling
Rue de Dublin 46, 1050 Brussels

Because we like to pay our artists we do ask a little entrance fee of 5€.


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