Radio Show 29/10/2013 – Jimi After & Bright Entity in the studio.


To announce our Mathématiques Modernes party happening on Saturday we invited both acts that will perform live that night, Jimi After and Bright Entity, in the studio to talk about their music and live gigs.

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

The Names – Calcutta – Factory Benelux
Gustaph – Moje Ulice – Jugoton
Dark Day – Don’t Bother – Dark Entries
Traks – Drums Power – Best Record
Beautiful Swimmers – Big Coast – Future Times
Liquid Liquid – Lock Groove – 99
D.Z. Lectric / Anton Shield – Experimenting Love – Minimal Wave
Maximum Joy – White And Green Place – Y Records
Jimi After – The Dedicated – Correspondant
Quando Quango – Triangle – Factory
Bright Entity – As Every Day Goes By – Holger Tracks
Linea Aspera – Royal Straight – Weyrd Son
Bright Entity – Flying While Standing – Holger Tracks