Bedroom Beats – 03/12/2013 – Bonnefooi.


Steenstraat 8 Rue des Pierres – 1000 Brussels

The last edition of 2013. Every first Tuesday of the month we present you the newest sounds produced by Belgian up-and-coming producers and beatmakers. We keep doing this by firstly playing the freshest tracks we’ve discovered after which 2 artists perform live.

20h – Demo Session.
Onda Sonora & On Point playing your music. Send us your newest tracks or works in progress so we can share it with an interested crowd and get reaction on the spot. Mail: music [at]

21h – Live gigs by

Man behind the Les Dérailleurs / DRLR label and producer of the finest abstract beats around. Gritty excursions in textures, genres and moods. We’ve been fans for a while now as followers of our 22tracks list will have noticed.

Hiphop-flavoured beats galore. Released a 15-minute long cassette EP limited to 15 copies on DRLR records and for that absurd move alone he’s got our respect but the music is strong enough to shine without the gimmicks, no doubt.

Free entrance.

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