Radio Show 17/03/2015 – Happy Birthday Patrick Adams.


The blank, uncomprehending stare people show when we go on about Patrick Adams and what he means to us usually is answered by us with an equally blank, uncomprehending stare. The man is probably the artist that can claim the biggest personal section in both our collections yet clearly not as known as we think he should be. So we take his 65th anniversary as a reason to school you. Those closely following us will have heard all these tracks a lot and they’ve got Patrick Adams in common. As writer, producer, arranger or in another way. These are some of our favourites from the man’s oeuvre, playing all the cuts we like would take the best part of a day. Enjoy.

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Cloud One – Dust To Dust – P&P
Universal Robot Band – Dance And Shake Your Tambourine – Red Greg
Daybreak – Everything Man – P&P
Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance – P&P
Sandy’s Gang – Hungry (Sean P Edit) – Tirk
Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us – Golden Flamingo
Four Below Zero – My Baby’s Got ESP – Roulette
Caress – Opportunity – P&P
Dazzle – You Dazzle Me – De-Lite
Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug – RCA
Rainbow Brown – Til You Surrender – Vanguard