Monthly Music List.


That list with songs, past to present, that are in one way or another linked for us to the past month and that we think you should give a check.

Maximum Joy – Station M.X.J.Y. – Rough Trade
Band made out of ex Glaxo Babies and Pop Group members. Funky post-punk not unlike that other post-Pop Group band Pigbag. Will appeal to those that like Marine or Allez Allez. Very solid album.

Andre Prévin – Executive Party – United Artists
Sensual funk track on an otherwise dull soundtrack (well, there’s the slower “Executive Party Dance” that’s ace too). From the original Rollerball OST. Getting tracks like these suggested by experienced record shop staff is why I prefer that before the online game.

Taxie – Rock Don’t Stop – Melodies
A release that’s been on my wantslist for years but only recently became available reasonably priced thanks to Floating Points new imprint. Comes with a lovely magazine. Reissued the way it should be done.

Johnny Superglu – Rambo Village EP – Plynt
Plynt is back. First with a digital only release but now good and proper with this EP. Out there acid workouts which are very representative for a certain side of Brussels for me. Nice one.

Dego & Kaidi – Backchat For Toprock – Sound Signature
Although I’m a big fan of these 2 cats I must say I haven’t bought their latest work as rigorously as I used to do. This track though is as good as they come. Drumheavy jazzfunk workout that I’ll certainly play in my deeper sets. Out on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label.

Bene Gesserit – The Record Store Day EP – EE Tapes
The only record store day release I bought this year. From one of the most interesting and underrated Belgian bands. Always quirky yet strangely catchy electronic music. The 7” this track is picked from contains only work made in the 80s. As everything by them essential.

Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away – Becket
Undeniable modern soul classic. I get chills every time I hear it. This at an afternoon session on the third day of a soul weekender never fails to bring me to tears. The lyrics, that break and tiredness combined are stronger than the macho in me. Re-issued.

Black Disco – Disco Club – Private
Mythical French deep disco reissued by the excellent Berlin based Private records. So out there it’s almost post-punk. Original is ridiculously hard to find but if you’re a bit like us and like edgy and off-centre dance music with a relentless groove you need it and now that’s finally officially possible.

Gé Titulaer – What’s New – Polydor
Lovely cheap find. Know this of course through Ed Motta’s excellent AOR mixes but might have bought this anyway because of the great cover and the fact Bruno Castellucci, who you should know of Marc Moulin’s Sam Suffy and many other sessions, is playing on it.

Sandy Kerr – Thug Rock – High Fashion
One of these finds that make no sense. Found this for 25 cents in nearly mint condition in a thrift store with hardly any records. Classic boogie disco.

Weird Candle – Regeneration EP – Weyrd Son
A Belgian new wave label releasing newly made music and doing it in style. Updated my collection this month as I missed a few releases. This one is their latest and although I usually detest coloured vinyl I love this one. Milky clear.

Gill Kane ‎– Where Is The Love (Instrumental) – Target
Another step deeper into my obsession for Belgian electronic funk / disco. Remake of the Betty Wright classic. Not too keen on the vocal version but like the instrumental. On a label I mostly connect with new beat.

Haring – Latenightdream – Venja Venja
Love how this Brussels based producer is working hard to get where he wants to be. Crowdfunded vinyl release which is, for once, available in most shops in Brussels. One of my main frustrations, not finding releases by local labels in locals shops. Amateurism still the norm but Haring is having none of it.