Monthly Music List.

2015 08 20 22.20.301

A new list with this time less second hand records than newly pressed ones. All at least slightly out there though because that’s the way we like them. Looking forward to test some of them on a big sound system soon.

Dobie – Coming Up For Air – Pussyfoot Records Ltd
Usually catalogued as triphop but that name does it short. This is orchestrated soul music like Cinematic Orchestra produces but from before that group started releasing music. Dobie’s “The Sound Of One Hand Clapping” album is one of the often forgotten classics you need in your collection.

Logg – Logg – Salsoul Records
Seems a legit reissue. Leroy Burgess on Salsoul. With classics on it like “(You’ve Got) That Something”, “I Know You Will” and personal favorite “Lay It On The Line”. Early 80s soul rarely gets better than this and if it does it almost always has the same personnel involved in one way or another.

Rod Hunter – Popcorn – Decca
Our usual thrift shop visits were rather frustrating this month. The only decent find was this 7”. Which was actually a lucky shot as this wasn’t the record the sleeve announced. Nevertheless decent take on the cheeky classic and a lovely b-side. Moog-heavy breakbeat. A shame the album wasn’t in the same crates.

Tapes – No Broken Hearts On This Factory Floor – EM Records, Corner Stone Music
Wayward digital dub music. Sounds like it was tailor-made for us. Honest Jons proving once again it’s one of the most essential labels to follow if you like your music one step beyond of the pack. Any pack that is.

Brother Resistance ‎– Rapso Take Over – Left Ear Records
Reggae / funk not unlike what Celluloid and others released in the 80s but from Trinidad & Tobaga and ridiculously rare and expensive before this reissue. Once again a record that perfectly fits our taste with conscious lyrics on top.

Resonance ‎– Safari Love – Sirocco
Succumbed to the lure of the 7”. Love going through the 45 bins in search for odd tunes like these. Pseudo ethnic funk groove that reminds of The Kongas, it’s also French, but made with more fun. Nothing deep but this one will recently feature frequently in our sets.

Binkbeats – Beats Unraveled – Ontario Records
Had the honor to play before the man’s gig in Ghent. Loved his performance and I wouldn’t have minded it to last much longer. He sold 2×12”s after the concert and couldn’t resist buying one. Some nice takes on a few personal classics on this.

Maalem Mahmoud Guinia / Floating Points / James Holden – Marhaba – Eglo Records, Border Community
“Comes with a book” seems to be the Eglo camp’s thing now (that Taxie 12” on Melodies had one too). Interesting project and ditto music. Going to test this one on the 54 sound system soon. Curious to hear it loud and clear.

Black Buster ‎– Bump The Bump – Machine Music
Not sure where this band is from but the instrumental is killer. Once again an example of what I like to find in the 7” selection in a shop. Slightly out there funk.

Various – Shangaan Electro – New Wave Dance Music From South Africa – Honest Jon’s Records
We’ve got a very short attention span so playing one genre for much longer than an half hour is difficult for us. So this is perfect music to drift away from the slices footwork or jungle that make it into our sets.

Rye Rye / Bullion – Keep Up / Did You Read U (Rhythm) – Kick + Clap
As a big Bullion fan since his Beach Boys / Dilla rework album pretty much anything he makes ends up in our collection. Certainly because the path he follows is filled with plenty of nice surprises. Like this one.