22tracks Originals.


We will start a new 22tracks list soon. As Onda Sonora. The 22beats list evolved last few years from a joint Onda Sonora / On-Point effort to a solo one of Bart so we had a thirst for something that suits both our wayward, all-inclusive yet very bespoke taste. The beats list is a way to promote upcoming Belgian producers making interesting electronic music, this new list will give you an insight into our own entire musical world. As an extension to our DJ-sets and radio show. Something that shows our never-ceasing obsession with discovering music we like but have never heard before. Which we do by pillaging every place that offers records for sale, fine-combing the web to find the interesting bits that fall through the cracks, making good use of every moment in between by reading about the most impossible genres and being those idiots that take notes instead of dancing whenever they hear a DJ play a killer tune.

Expect old, dusted-off finds, reissued treasures, new bits that hardly fit in anywhere and outright stupid stuff only geeks like us dig up. When possible we will connect our updates to real-live events, releases, concerts, … . We’ll provide every track with a few words that will explain, at best, why we think you should know about it and spam you online through every channel available.

To launch the new list we’ll have a dance. At Bonnefooi. Together with Amsterdam’s 22tracks Disco selectors SHMLSS and 22tracks man behind the scenes and ace DJ Karawane. On October 8th.