Radio Show 29/09/2015 – The Underground Wave 7″s


This week we play mostly Belgian wave from the 80’s because Walhalla records has a new compilation called ‘Underground Wave 7″s” out which we think you need to buy. We have a chat with label boss Lieven De Ridder about it. And we open with a track from Seiren who’s playing at Lefto en Red Bull Elektropedia’s Made In Belgium this Sunday where we’ll do the warm-up.

Listen again to this show through this link.

Seiren – Architekt – Self-Released
Bene Gesserit – LeS BiJouX – EE Tapes
Twilight Ritual – The Suburban Wasteland – Onderstroom
Pas De Deux – Lits Jumeaux – Parsley
KAA Antilope – Island Girl Games – Rush Hour
Brentholer – My Suitor – Starman
M. Bryo – Shift – Walhalla
Kloot Per W – L’Europe – Walhalla
Ratbau – Moscow Ist Frei – Walhalla
Arbeid Adelt – Luxembourg – Walhalla
Vitor Hublot – J’ai Perdu Mon Oiseau – Walhalla
The Misz – Tameless Horses – Walhalla
Elisa Waut – Russia – Ariola
The Maniacs – Vietnam – Walhalla
The Nue – Broken Window – Onderstroom