Mirda Rock – 80s Electrofunk Mix

80s electro(funk) isn’t the first thing we search for when digging for records but we never say no to a great 12” when we come across one. This mix is made with such tunes we picked up last few months while going through second hand records.

Half Def – Dub’Leutien – DP Records
“Pretty” Tony – Fix It In The Mix – Music Specialists
Reggie Griffin & Technofunk – Mirda Rock – Sweet Mountain Records
The Egyptian Lover – I Want To Make Love – ZYX Records
400 Blows – The Charmer – Illuminated
BOSE – Bass Overdrive – Rock Well Records
John Davis – Flashcan – Metrovinyl
J.J. Fad – Supersonic (Remix) – Dream Team Records
Paul Hardcastle – Guilty (Instrumental) – Sky
The Beat Box Boys – Give Me My Money – BMC
Kano – I’m Ready – Emergency Records