Radio Show 14/6/2016 – Thin Consolation + LBNHRX + Herrmutt Lobby


We had Fred from Thin Consolation, one of our absolute favourite local labels, in the studio to talk about their new compilation called Spent and he brought LBNHRX and Herrmutt Lobby with him to announce their upcoming releases on the same imprint and talk a bit about the Playground app. and showcase that in the studio.

Various Artists – Spent
xcellent new compilation with lots of local favourites like Richard Colvaen, LBNHRX, Herrmutt Lobby, Lawrence Le Doux, Johnny Superglu, Freddy Bracker and much more.

Man making raw, edgy electronica / techno who had releases on labels like Cleaning Tapes en Blankstairs and his will be back soon on Thin Consolation with an EP called “Unwarm + Fun”.

Herrmutt Lobby
Godfathers of the Belgian beat scene who are known for making excellent music, developing software to make music with and now the Playground app. for iphone and ipad. They’ll release a tape somewhere in the months to come on Thin Consolation of which we play a track and have a tape out together with Cupp Cave and Lord Rao (of Strange U fame) on the Detroit Underground label.

They talk about ¬†and showcase the Playground app which you should all get because it’s an immense lot of fun. Check the videos to get convinced.

Lee Perry – Keep On Dubbing Part 1 – Upsetter Records
Vivien Goldman – Private Armies Dub – Staubgold
B.B. Seaton – Dancing In The Moonlight – Soul Jazz
Spongemagnet – Bum Damage – Thin Consolation
Lawrence Le Doux – Violin & Beard – Thin Consolation
Richard Colvaen – Kepler – Thin Consolation
DFLN – My Cloud – Thin Consolation
Freddy Bracker – Paint Stained Brainframes – Thin Consolation
Baby Kruger – Le Porge – Thin Consolation
LBNHRX – Jizz – Thin Consolation
LBNHRX – Oufti – Thin Consolation
LBNHRX – Rosy’s Journey – Thin Consolation
Herrmutt Lobby – Feed Black – Thin Consolation
>>> Herrmutt Lobby Playground Session <<<
Bonhomme De Bronze – Comptine – Thin Consolation