5y 22tracks Special – Fairly New Belgian Releases

This Saturday 22tracks Brussels celebrates its 5th birthday with a massive party at Beursschouwburg. To commemorate this we recorded a mix with music that falls somewhere between the 2 lists we’ve curated past years. Somewhere between “beats” and “originals”. All fairly recent releases, some reissues though, by Belgian artists and labels, of whom many have paid us a visit in our radio show. From out there electronica over beats and house to wave and cinematic excursions.

Milan W. – Bolero Night – JJ Funhouse
DSR Lines – Uitval – Ekster
Condor Gruppe – Ondt Blod – Condor Men Records
40 Winks – Planet Anvers – Project Mooncircle
Stikstof – Alles – Frontal
Bazart – Tunnels – [PIAS]
Stuff – Event Horizon – Buteo Buteo
Amatorski – Hear Me (Hiele Remix) – Crammed Discs
Témé Tan – Champion – Limite Records
LBNHRX – Workable Dream Of Life (Cupp Cave Remix) – Thin Consolation
Johnny Superglu – The Prince – Plynt Records
Schiksal – Deceived – Walhalla Records
BrenthØler – Heartbeat – Starman Records
Condor Gruppe – Chant – Condor Men Records
Charnier – Bodies Flap Out – Weyrd Son Records
BeNe GeSSeRiT – Guilty – EE Tapes