Radio Show 20/09/2016 – Russel Clay / Mangoest Records

We had Russel Clay in our studio to talk about his vinyl release on Mangoest records and the upcoming release party Friday at Beursschouwburg. We also have a chat with label boss Gregory about his imprint, Mirror Shards’ new digital album which will also be presented at the party and we play lots of music by our guest and other Mangoest artists.

Steel Leg v Eclectic Dread – Haile Unlikely – Virgin
Pussy Mothers – Skirt – Optimo Music
Nacht Und Nebel – Lunatics – Roadrunner
Black Suburb – Hantunopolis – Taha
Russel Clay – Crimson – Mangoest
Herbal J – No Justice At All – Mangoest
Russel Clay – Closure – Mangoest
Oliver Nevermind – Slow Motion – Mangoest
Mirror Shards – tdt3 – Mangoest
Pierre Paul Poison – Step In The Bus – Mangoest
Catkin – In The Line Of Fire (Shakmat) – Mangoest
Russel Clay – Paralysis – Mangoest
Scan 7 – Black Moon Rising – UR
Legowelt – Puzzles In Life – PPU