The update last week of our 22tracks Originals list contained an Herbert remix which, after sharing it on our social media, ignited a little discussion about what’s everyone’s personal favourite. Something we love as it makes you discover tracks from the man’s vast oeuvre that slipped past your attention. As a further fuel to this debate / search, here’s 5 tracks we love and regularly play. Do share yours.

The Matthew Herbert Big Band – The Story – K7!
Opening from the second album of his big band called “There’s Me And There’s You”. Still painfully relevant message sung by one of our favourite vocalists-you’ve-heard-many-times-without-realizing  Eska Mtungwazi.

Kenny Clarke / Francy Boland Big Band – Um Grão De Areia (Matthew Herbert Remix) – MPS
Another big band tune but this time remixed by the man. The original is killer on its own but the rework is Herbert at his most broken adding a weird, wild and relentless swing. Usually freaks out dance floors to the point of inducing the Moses-effect but when it works you know you’re at a truly fine party.

Herbert – The Audience – K7!
We could pick any track from “Bodily Functions” but if we need to single out one it’s this one. Sung by  frequent collaborator Dani Siciliano and the Noisettes’ Shingai Shoniwa. Not only it’s got that wayward yet highly accessible production there’s also happening more in this track than on most electronic albums in their entirety without losing itself in ideas.

Charles Webster – Ready (Herbert’s Steady Dub) – Peacefrog
Making an OKish track infectious and interesting. Love to play this early at parties because it gives a set something extra and remarkable without having to break out the uptempo big guns too early. Highly suited for sensual dancing too.

Blaze presents Cassio Ware ‎– Fantasy (Herbert’s Reality Dub) – Playhouse
The track that made us discover the genius of Herbert. An already very nice original taken to stellar heights. Got played at early Onda Sonora parties when it came out and still in our box almost 15 years later.

There’s of course much more. His “tasteful dub’ remix of Moloko’s big hit, his Dr Rockit classics like “Café De Flore”, that track Linkwood recently reworked so nicely, … . But do share yours and make us discover gems we missed.