Onda Sonora Picks Week 2.

Second selection of tracks we think you should know about. This week tunes from the darker end of our musical spectrum. All locally – Antwerp, Ghent & Brussels – released.

Diktatur – The Harm – Red Maze
Taken from a compilation just out on Brussels based Red Maze records and selected by the people behind the WAVES radio show on Radio Vibration. Holds some top quality dark music. Artwork by Weyrd Son’s Michael Thiel.

BeNe GeSSeRiT – On Protège Bien Les Requins – Stroom
Taken from the second release on Stroom. One we’re even happier about than the Jan Zonder Vrees OST because it’s, like the tittle says, “An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alain Neffe” compiling tracks from the man’s vast oeuvre. You need this release, trust us.

Milan W. – Data – JJ Funhouse
From the new release on Antwerp’s JJ Funhouse. Anthems for misty trottoirs and empty clubs as they call it themselves. Ambient not ambient tracks by Milan W. aka C.Young aka ½ of Mittland Och Leo and so much more.

Baleine 3000 – Heroica (Ambiant mix) – Vlek
We’re always interested in all things Lawrence Le Doux produces even at times it weirds us out a bit like this release on Vlek. It holds a few beauties though like this track and we’ll take our time to let the oter ones sink in.

Violence Conjugale – Kinski – Teenage Menopause
We adored their first album and are still completely on board for their second one. Out on Brussels based Teenage Menopause records. Uptempo new wave.