Radio Show 08/11/2016 – Red Maze Records in the Studio.


We had Phil and Fernando from Red Maze Records / Waves radio show in our studio to talk about their new compilation out on vinyl. Do check their bandcamp or your local record store this ac collection of new wave music, exquisitly packaged and holding more than a few absolute gems.

Be sure to catch Phil Blackmarquis Djing at the Pink Night #15 at Beursschouwburg on November 19th.

Bene Gesserit – On Protège Bien Les Requins – Stroom
h o r d – The New Child – Red Maze
Taxidermists – Le Grand Saut – Red Maze
Diktatur – The Harm – Red Maze
Princes Century ft. Meltonini – Safe Word – Red Maze
Adan & Ilse – What Do You Want – Red Maze
Wladyslaw – Verveine Souterraine – Red Maze
All Your Sisters – Come Feel – Weyrd Son
Enzo Kreft – Erotic Fantaseesz – Walhalla Records
:codes – Nullius – Falco Invernale
Bene Gesserit – Nobody Can Know – Stroom
Leitmotiv Rainbow – She Is The One – Red Maze