Onda Sonora Picks Week 4.

This week it’s all about the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. Not that giving awards to people an sich is something that gets us hyped up but this year we’ll play records before and after the ceremony at Flagey and, for us, that’s the way to attend such things. Asocial fucks that we are. Far away from the networking and other social interactions. Haha. Not that we don’t have an opinion of our own about who earns a big up for doing something in the Belgian electronic music world. One we will share here and in our radio show on Tuesday where we’ll let you hear who we think deserves an hi five.

Charnier – Pictures – Weyrd Son
Somebody should tell Red Bull Elektropedia about this fine label who’s artwork is constantly far better than most aiming for the MArc Meulemans award for best artwork. A bit of a shame they’re absent in that category. Something to rectify next year.

Nasty NAG – Worldwide – Footjuice
Slowly but surely UFOing out all competition for the most underrated producer award. We’ve been longtime fans of the man, both as an MC as a producer, and he keeps delivering nice goods like this footwork track just out on Footjuice records.

Nacht Und Nebel – Robot Robot – Walhalla
There’s no best compilation nor reissue category which is a shame. Otherwise Walhalla should get an awards hands down. Their Underground Wave Volume 5 holds among others this gem. We’re fans of Aimé Le Chevalier but he and his label deserve far more recognition and that’s the main use of awards like these. Bigging up those that need and deserve it.

Stikstof – Ja Dan – Frontal
It’s been a while since Dutch spoken hiphop seduced us but the second album by locals Stikstof has been on constant replay ever since it came out. With this nice clip as one of the highlights. We wouldn’t mind much if Mugwump wins the best video category but for us there’s no competition worth speaking of for this clip.

André And Leslie ‎– Stress – Kasset
We could have picked about any tracks on the compilation released by SDBan earlier this year (and which features an instrumental version of this track) but we went for one reissued by Kasset a few years ago. Italo-disco. André Brasseur gets a well-earned lifetime achievement awards at RBEA this year, something we can only applaud. We’ve been going to Namur to see the man perform live from way before the hype though.