Radio Show 15/11/2016 – David Mancuso Tribute + RBEA16.

We pay tribute to our absolute role model as party organisers and DJs, David Mancuso, who passed away yesterday. Someone we might have met / expierenced what he was about only once but who had, through what we read about him, a deep influence on us which still shines through in everything we do. Organising every party we do as if it was a house party for all our friends by putting the best system possible in a room we’ve arranged with a focus on the dance floor and playing the music we love, regardless of hypes and genres but with an aim to take our dancers on a trip through different moods, tempos and whatnot, is what we took from him and his loft parties. And which is so much part of our DNA it took this sad event to make us realise how much we stayed focussed on that for now more than 15 years. Thank you David Mancuso.

Next to this we shine some light on the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards happening on Wednesday at Flagey and where we’ll play record before and after the ceremony together with Psychmagik and Captain E. We do this by bigging up those that deserve and award acoording to us and suggesting some that earn one.

Ten City – Devotion – Ibadan
The Trammps – That’s Where The Happy People Go – Atlantic
Eddie Kendricks – Girl You Need A Change Of Mind – Motown
Ednah Holt – Serious, Sirius Space Party – West End
Stikstof – Utopia – Frontal
Andre Brasseur – Ali – SDBan
Nacht Und Nebel – Zafari – Roadrunner
Front 242 – Sample D – Himalaya
2 Belgen – In The Night – Indisc
Jameszoo – Flu – Brainfeeder
Chuck Mangione Concert – Land Of Make Believe – Mercury