Onda Sonora Picks Week 6.

Our weekly list. Bits from all over our spectrum.

Colonel Abrams- So Proud – Smack
We’re losing legends like trees are losing their leafs these days. There’s more than a few Colonel Abrams tracks part of our musical universe but this one, with a killer Mental Instrum backing track, is one that still regularly travels to gigs with us.

Jackie Mittoo, Bagga, Pablove Black & Brentford All Stars – After Christmas – Soul Jazz
Jackie Mittoo the way we love him best. Superb out there laid back groove from Studio One now reissued by Soul Jazz on 12”. Our main theme in a time when that awful monstrosity of a Christmas market is taking out all the fun out of our city center.

Sun Palace – What’s The Time – BBE
BBE have managed to unearth more Roland CR78 fueled jazz funk tracks by this band made famous by David Mancuso championing their “Rude Movements”. Essential for people who like the same music as we do.

Change ‎– Let’s Go Together – Atlantic
First song of this band we’ve fallen completely in love with many years ago. Many followed but this still has a very special place in our hearts. Found a cheap copy this weekend in mint condition to replace the worn down one. Will certainly be played Saturday at Oddities in Leuven.

Kebab – System – Softspot
A Belgian (post-)punk band we’ve discovered through a favourite Belgian releases list by Captain Starlight. Found the compilation with their 7” and cassette releases from the early 80s and it’s one of the freshest things we’ve heard coming out of our little country. John Peel / Optimo kind of obscure but yet sublime music left of everything. Punk meets electro.