22tracks Originals

Our first playlist on the revamped 22tracks is live. A compilation of tracks picked from our favourite reissues and compilation released this year. Working title was “Onda Sonora’s 22 re-issues and compilation released in 2016 and worth buying as a present for a loved one list” but somehow that only partially survived, haha.

Count Ossie And The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari ‎- Four Hundred Years
From “Grounation” reissued by Soul Jazz
Fruit – If You Feel It, Say Yeah
From the reissued 12” release topped with the release of their lost album by Athens Of The North.
Bernard Fèvre – That Is To Be 
From “Orbit Ceremony 77” a never released gem from the 70s now out on Lo Recordings.
Skin, Flesh & Bones – Dub In Blood
From “Dub In Blood” reissued by Pressure Sounds
Sun Palace – Rude Movements 
From “Raw Movements / Rude Movements” a compilation of (un)released tracks out on BBE
Puzzle Pulsion – Mwoin Ka Songe
From the “Digital Zandoli” compilation out on Heavenly Sweetness
The Pool – Jamaica Running
12” reissued by Dark Entries.
Jam Band ’80 – Jammin’ (With The Jam Band) 
From the “Surinam Funk Force” Compilation out on Rush Hour
Arthur Verocai – Na Boca do Sol
From the self-titled album reissued by Mr Bongo.
Aged In Harmony ‎– You’re A Melody 
Reissued as part of a 7” box by Melodies.
Funk Factory – Rien Ne Va Plus 
Their self-titled album was reissued by Be With Records.
Opgewolle – Tjappies & Mammies
From “Vloeistof” reissued, like their other 2 albums, by Top Notch.
Johnny Osbourne – He Can Surely Turn The Tide 
From “Junjo ‎– The Evil Curse Of The Vampires” a dub album reissued by Greensleeves with an extra vinyl with all the originals on it
Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block 
From his “The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast” kindly reissued this year by XL
Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 – Zombie 
From the album with the same name reissued by Knitting Factory.
Dub Syndicate – Early Mafia 
From the “Sherwood At The Controls Volume 2: 1985 – 1990” compilation out on On-U-Sound
André Brasseur – Ali 
From “Lost Gems From The 70’s” a long overdue André Brasseur compilation out on SDBan
Vivien Goldman – P.A. Dub 
From “Resolutionary” an essential compilation of Vivian Goldman related tracks out on Staubgold
Carol – Breakdown 
Finally reissued 7” out on Weyrd Son
Ahzz ‎– New York’s Movin’
Essential P&P classic getting a repress this year
Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrası – Burçak Tarlaları 
From “Gençlik Ile Elele” reissued by Jackpot Records.
Augustus Pablo – Cassava Piece (’79 Style) 
From “Original Rockers” reissued by Greensleeves
Linear Movement – The Linear Way
From “The Linear Way” a compilation out on Minimal Wave
Areski / Brigitte Fontaine – L’Engourdie 
From “L’Incendie” reissued by Veals & Geeks records.

And some we like to mention but didn’t make the list because we couldn’t find tracks of them on Spotify:
Bene Gesserit – Nobody Can Know 
From “An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alain Neffe” compiled and released by STROOM
Nacht Und Nebel – Robot Robot
From the “Underground Wave Volume 5” compilation out on Walhalla Records