Onda Sonora Picks Week 11.

This week’s picks are heavily Mr Scruff themed as he plays at Vooruit this Friday and that’s something we’re very much looking forward to as big fans of the man.

Mr Scruff vs Kirsty Almeida – Pickled Spider – Warp
Super heavy monster of a track that’s one of our favourite productions by the man. Maximum bass alert. 2010 12” only release.

Mr Scruff – Spandex Man – Warp
Selecting “Get A Move On” from the album this also comes from would be far too easy. His second album’s got plenty of other funky bits so no problem to get an alternative.

Mr Scruff – Jazz Potatoe – Pleasure Music
Hard hitting jazzy breaks from his 1997 debut album. Setting the tone for what was to follow.

Mr Scruff – Ug – Warp
Another bass-heavy wobbler. From 2002’s “Trouser Jazz” album.

Sabres Of Paradise – Duke Of Earlsfield – Warp
Not only Mr Scruff is coming to play in Belgium, another long-time hero of ours is in town too. Andrew Weatherall will be presenting records at Leftorium on Saturday (so you can combine both). We discovered the man through this way back when it was released more than 20 years ago. Still sounds mighty good.