The Word Radio – For Bearded Men and Women #1.

We’ve got a second radio show. This one on a monthly basis and fully online through The Word Magazine’s brand new online radio station. Absolutely live though as radio should be and with video (when it goes live, that is). It’s called “For Bearded Men and Women”. Why that name? Because it somehow fits. It every second Friday of the month live on the internet between 10pm and midnight. Sending everyone into the weekend in style. And it’s a lot of fun to do, both playing the records as the social media interaction with who’s listening. Big up everyone who got involved. Here’s the first episode.

Tackhead – In My Life
The Neon Judgement – Voodoo Nipplefield
Endgames – Ecstasy (Centurion Mix)
Pussy Mothers – Get From In Front Of Me
Consulted Book – Fight Stop
Wach’Da – Confrontation (Instrumental)
Konk – Konk Party
Liquid Liquid – Lock Groove (In)
Grace Jones – The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
Plus Instruments – Bodies (Extended Mix)
Mascara – Baja (Ruff Mix)
Sumo – Sa-Bo-Bo
Spencer Jones – I Want You (Secret Mix)
Dinosaur L – Clean On Your Bean #1
The Opera House – Jack E Makossa
Colm III – Christmas Tree
Bhundu Boys – Bye Bye Stembi
Interview – Salut Les Salauds
Azoto – Anytime Or Place
Recloose – MYM230 (R.I.P.)
Kode 9 – You Don’t Wash (Actress Mix)
Jay Daniel – Brainz
Nux Nemo – Feel It
Rick (Poppa) Howard – About Fourteen