BRUZZ Radio Show | Alles Es Just

A show dedicated to the Alles Es Just festival happening in Schaarbeek this weekend. We’ll be part of this playing records from the name famed “Les Trois Rois” collection with which we have already played a La Semo this Summer. On Saturday we, together with Jean Mikili and Freddie Merckx, will liven up the apero and party at the festival’s HQ at Novanois. But it all starts on Friday and goes on for several days. Read all about it here.

We play records from that collection all hour long, by the way.

Chalawa – Taxi de Paris – EMI
Klaane Jean – Geift Een Bais Oen A Mouma – LEO
Roberto Se Se – Tumba Le Le – Disques Vogue
Zanini – Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas – Barclay
Yamasuki’s – AIEAOA – Biram
The Starliners – Salut Les Croulants – Decca
Gotainer – Maman Flashe et Papa Flippe – Philips
Robert Pico РLe Chien Fid̬le РRCA Victor
The Packers – Hole In The Wall – Phlips
Love Unlimited – Love’s Theme – 20th Century
Tina Harvey – Nowhere To Run – Decca
The Strangers – Amaiamai – Decca
Sylvie Vartan – L’Amour est comme une cigarette – RCA
Xavier Van Den Broeck – Meet Mister “S” – Monopole
Space – Magic Fly – Vogue
Sheila & B Devotion – Spacer – Carrere