BRUZZ Radio Show | 20 years of us special.

This Easter sunday was our 20th anniversary. Because on that day in 2000 we did our first party. Times as they are make it difficult to celebrate that properly but we’ll do that once possible. As an amuse here’s a house mix of sorts to get you dancing. Not a “best of” or “classics” set, we don’t do that. We’re actually not nostalgic even though we love digging for records. We love old music because we love to discover. We are allergic to “classics” and even if those past moments were at times superb they are behind us. We always look forward to new opportunities to add some fine experiences to the collection. So this is a selection of records we still dig but have meaning to us beyond the music. Records we still play today but are connected to our past. Through the artists who made, because they led us away off the beaten path or simply because they stay solid after all those years. Something we strive to be too.

Karma – High Priestess – Groove Attack
Faze Action – Plans & Designs – Nuphonic
Blaze – Time For Love – Life Line
Marie St. James – Closer I Get (Lounge Mix) – Yoruba
Black Science Orchestra – Keep On Keeping On (Throw Your Hands Up) – Afro Art
Swag – Felony Funk – Swag
Erot – Song For Annie – Discfuntion
Pépé Bradock – 4 – Atavisme
Phlash & Friends – Revolution = Solution – Diplu Music
Percussions – KHLHI – Text