BRUZZ Radio Show | Arno & Henny Vrienten tribute.

Two artists that are well-represented in our collection died last week so we pay tribute to them. Local legend Arno and Dutch pop icon Henny Vrienten. We also celebrate Yoeri’s 40th birthday with an exclusive lambiek from Cantillon. 

2 Belgen – Sudden Fortunes (instrumental) – Antler
Lala – Do The Kangaroo dub – Parsley
Lavvi Ebbel – Give Me A Gun – LE Records
T.C. Matic – Middle Class And Blue Eyes – EMI
Tjens Couter – It’s Raining – Starman
Brood En Vrienten – Als Je Wint – Sky
Doe Maar – Bang – Sky
Doe Maar – All E.S. – Killroy
Arno – Forget The Cold Sweat – Virgin
The Heliocentrics – Wrecking Ball – Now Again
Ill Considered – Loosed – New Soil
Pierre Vassiliu – En Vadrouille À Montpellier – Barclay
Nico Gomez – Vôce E Eu – Mr Bongo