BRUZZ Radio Show | Fredrik Lager (Red Astaire) Tribute

We start with a salute to another fallen soldier. We lost Fredrik Lager aka Red Astaire aka Freddie Cruger aka 3 Foot People aka The Odd Couple aka Wildcookie last weekend. Our first international guest at a party we organized 17 years ago (our 5th anniversary) and all around nice guy and producer of superheavy (not so) secret weapons for our sets. RIP.

Red Astaire – Rolling Stone – GAMM
Red Astaire – Take It Back (NYC Salsa Mix)
Red Astaire – Watcha Do – GAMM
Freddie Cruger – Dubweizer – Homegrown
The Odd Couple – Paper Kites – Swedish Brandy
Jorge Ben – Era Uma Vez Um Aposentao Marinheiro – Vampi Soul
Barbatuques – Baião Destemperado – Jazz&Milk
Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay – 
Don Cherry – Degi Degi – Klimt
Mikey Dread – Roots & Culture – Heartbeat
Red Astaire – Let The Horns Blow – Homegrown