Est. 2000.
Heavyweight Sound Suppliers. On a quest to promote the music we like, by any means necessary.


Always taking the scenic route, habitually venturing off the beaten path. With a special interest for the wayward, the weird and the underappreciated. Not only behind turntables but as a way of life. Feeling uneasy in a comfort zone or when it gets convenient. That’s why they never switched off records as their weapon of choice. Another reason being their profound love for digging deep in the crates in search for overlooked gems. Their diverse taste combined with an erratic understanding of what hip people like make that they are at their best for a crowd of connoisseurs. Those that like to be taken on a trip through different moods, energy levels, genres, … and, above all, like to be surprised. If you want our choice of music to be described in a word, post-punk-jazz-funk is the best we can do.

Onda Sonora is at their core a bunch of DJs who like to convince other people there’s more to music than what’s on the radio. Always digging deeper in search for music that’s new to their ears. To share their discoveries with others they host radio shows on BRUZZ, The Word and other platforms and explore every means the internet provides. Their preferred way is still through a basement, a red light and a big ass sound system though … .

People we’ve worked with:

Benji B, Paul Randolph, Ashley Beedle, Phil Asher, Title & Delvis, Freddy Cruger aka Red Astaire, MonkeyRobot, Jeremy Underground Paris , Pomrad, Kev Beadle, Sagat, Onra, Omar, San Soda, Trus’me, Joey Negro, Mad Mats, Vanessa Freeman, Roselien, Alton Miller, Locked Groove, Ahu, Rainer Trüby, Sam A La Bamalot, Jamie 3:26, Lefto, Twilight Ritual, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Antal, Dynooo, Tom Trago, Red D, Full Crate & Mar, Kid Sublime, Freddy Merckx, Maurice Fulton, Aardvarck, Sean P, Phil Cooper, Victor Simonelli, Brekbit, Atjazz, Cupp Cave, Michael Rütten, Kwak, … .

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