Radio Show 14/04/2015 – Record Stores + Bright Entity


We have Ciska from Bright Entity in the studio to talk about their EP out on Holger and we play some tracks with a record store history to get you warmed up for Saturday’s gig at Bonnefooi.

Arabian Prince – Africanism – Sound Of Music
Tulio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon – Nunk
Alan Parsons Project – I, Robot – Arista
Bright Entity – As Everyday Goes By – Holger Tracks
Endgames – Ecstasy – Virgin
D.R. Hooker – Forge Your Own Chains – Veals & Geeks
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain – Ask Me – Roulette
Air Power – Welcome To The Disco – AVI
The Frontline Orchestra – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me – Ice
Raw Elements – On The Train – Final Cut
Azoto – Exalt, Exalt – Rams Horn

Radio Show 7/4/2015 – Brooklyn Digging.


While Bart was at Bonnefooi hosting a Bedroom Beats session, Yoeri held down the fort at fm brussel. Playing some of the records he bought during a recent digging trip in Brooklyn, New York and drinking a local lager.

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Black Uhuru – What Is Life – 4th & Broadway
David Lampell – I Ran Iran – Prism
Jimmy Spicer – The Bubble Bunch – Mercury
Surface – Falling In Love – Salsoul
Colors – Am I Gonna Be The One – First Take
NYCC – I’ll Keep A Light In My Window – RCA
Big Foot – Watch Your Step – Sue International
Sandee – Notice Me – Fever
El Barrio – Across 110th Street (Barrio Mix) – Lovemix
Automatik – Free (Chic-A-Boom Mix) – Wild Pitch
909 – Can Anybody Tell Me – More Music

Radio Show 31/013/2015 – The Windy One

With the windy weather we had last few days this theme presented itself. Nothing but songs about wind, a lot of jazz funk ones too as it seems they got mighty inspired by this. To keep it entirely in touch with this we drank “Wolf” by the Scottish Windswept Brewery. And we’ve got a new host, Rik, a young music and record enthusiast.

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Webster Lewis – Mild Wind
Talking Heads – Listening Wind
Tom Browne – Night Wind
Mandrill – Wind On Horseback
Freddie Hubbard – Windjammer
100% Pure Poison – Windy C (Kon re-edit)
Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – The Wind Song
Donald Byrd – Wind Parade
George Benson – The Wind & I
Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind
Midnight Movers – Follow The Wind (DK Edit)
Jackie Stoudemire – Invisible Wind

Long Lastin’ Like Chewing Gum

Been rearranging the collection and among other things gave the hip hop section a new spot. While doing this some old treasures popped up and this led to this mix. Nothing exceptional, just tracks that are personal favourites.

Mr. Complex feat. El-Fudge – Scrape Your Back Out – 72 Records
Biz Markie – Stutters Step (Kid Sublime Remix) – White Label
Diverse – Aint Right – Chocolate Industries
Count Bass D – 7 Years – Nature Sounds
Sound Providers – Autumns Evening Breeze – ABB Records
The Roots – Double Trouble – MCA Records
People Under The Stairs – Out Da Club – Om Records
Mass Influence – All Out (Instrumental) – Fat Beats
Real Live – The Gimmicks – Big Beat
Time Machine – A Million And One Things To Do (Instrumental) – Emerge Music
The Procussions – Leave Her Alone (Bye!) – Procussion Sound
Porn Theatre Ushers – Me + Him – Biscuit Head

Radio Show 24/03/2015 – Electric Boogaloo


Hyped about seeing some music-themed b-films like “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” made by Cannon films on the last day of the Offscreen film festival we decided to pull some of the wickedest breakdance tunes from our collections. Enjoy.

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Bonzo Goes To Washington – 5 Minutes – Sleeping Bag
Natasha King – AM-FM – Ecstasy
The Force MD’s – Let Me Love You (Instrumental) – Vogue
Dynamic Breakers – Dynamic Control – Sunnyview
Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix) – Streetwise
Warp 9 – Nunk – Prism
Urbanus – Le Massacre – Phillips
Freeez – Pop Goes My Love – Beggars Banquet
Lady D – You Got Me Runnin’ – Fleetwood
Paul Hardcastle – Guilty – Sky
Visual – The Music Got Me – Prelude

Radio Show 17/03/2015 – Happy Birthday Patrick Adams.


The blank, uncomprehending stare people show when we go on about Patrick Adams and what he means to us usually is answered by us with an equally blank, uncomprehending stare. The man is probably the artist that can claim the biggest personal section in both our collections yet clearly not as known as we think he should be. So we take his 65th anniversary as a reason to school you. Those closely following us will have heard all these tracks a lot and they’ve got Patrick Adams in common. As writer, producer, arranger or in another way. These are some of our favourites from the man’s oeuvre, playing all the cuts we like would take the best part of a day. Enjoy.

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Cloud One – Dust To Dust – P&P
Universal Robot Band – Dance And Shake Your Tambourine – Red Greg
Daybreak – Everything Man – P&P
Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance – P&P
Sandy’s Gang – Hungry (Sean P Edit) – Tirk
Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us – Golden Flamingo
Four Below Zero – My Baby’s Got ESP – Roulette
Caress – Opportunity – P&P
Dazzle – You Dazzle Me – De-Lite
Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug – RCA
Rainbow Brown – Til You Surrender – Vanguard

Radio Show 10/03/2015 – Celebration of Life

This weekender Nick Blow, who we have a chat with, and friends (and we’re among them) are celebrating life at DNA and Halles- St-Géry. A sort of reunion / warming up for Southport Festival and Suncébeat with lots of great DJs like Atjazz and the legendary (and we don’t use that word lightly) Bob Jones. More info about the event here.

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Colors – Am I Gonna Be The One
Gladys Knight – A Taste Of Bitter Love
Staple Singers – Slippery People
Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop
Eastbound Expressway – Never Let Go
Tamiko Jones – Let It Flow Tamiko
Stargaze – You Can’t Have It
TS Monk – Candidate Of Love
2 Guys On Acid – House Music (All Night Long)
Subculture feat Marcus – The Voyage (Hayden Andre Deep Mix)
Rudoulpho – Touch Me

Radio Show 03/03/2015 – Telephone Love.

To celebrate Alexander Graham Bell’s 168th birthday we play nothing but tracks about telephones. Enjoy.

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Erykah Badu – Telephone – Universal
Shabba Ranks – Telephone Love – Greensleeves
Skream – Midnight Request Line – Tempa
De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring – Tommy Boy
Kashif – Call Me Tonight – Arista
Skyy – Call Me – Salsoul
Lil Louis – I Called U – FFRR
Green Velvet – Answering Machine – Cajual
Fun Boy Three – The Telephone Always Rings – Chrysalis
Lavvi Ebbel – On The Telephone – Starman
Plastic Betrand – Telephone, Telephone – Vogue
Wilson Pickett – 634-5789 – Midi
Coldcut – Telephone (Redial) – Ahead Of Our Time

Radio Show 24/02/2015 – Pizza Noise Mafia in the Studio

2015-02-24 21.13.23

This week we had Pizza Noise Mafia in the studio for a chat and a selection of music they like.

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Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown
Beat Spacek – I Wanna Know
Pizza Noise Mafia – Medecin De Nuit
Philippe Laurent – Et Hop
Pizza Noise Mafia – Noise Mafia

>>> Pizza Noise Boys Selection <<<
Harshlove – Acid France
TG Gondard – Dormir C’est Mourir
Tielsie – Huewave
Severed Heads – Blast Patter
Charlie XCX feat Rita Ora – Doin’ It (A.G. Cook Remix)
Ministry – The Angel
Colombeu – Arcis-Sur-Aube
Arthur Russel – Instrumental volume 1 track 1
Popol Vuh – Nosferatu