Having taken the scenic route through dance music and nightlife for the past 18 years, Onda Sonora have cultivated a style of their own made up out of the far from obvious and the wayward over different genres and styles. Record collectors and cratediggers extraordinaire from long before you could impress people with that, always in search for music that’s new to their ears and with a passion to share these discoveries with everyone while dancing like nobody is watching.

Next to liven up places from behind the dj-booth they also host radio shows on BRUZZ and The Word radio, have curated two 22tracks lists (Originals and Beats) and love inventing silly concepts like selling all the records they play or bringing out a big ass sound system to have a Sunday afternoon outdoor dance.

People we’ve worked with:
Benji B, Paul Randolph, Ashley Beedle, Phil Asher, Title & Delvis, Freddy Cruger aka Red Astaire, MonkeyRobot, Jeremy Underground Paris , Pomrad, Kev Beadle, Sagat, Onra, Omar, San Soda, Trus’me, Joey Negro, Mad Mats, Vanessa Freeman, Roselien, Alton Miller, Locked Groove, Ahu, Rainer Trüby, Sam A La Bamalot, Jamie 3:26, Lefto, Twilight Ritual, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Antal, Dynooo, Tom Trago, Red D, Full Crate & Mar, Kid Sublime,  Freddy Merckx, Maurice Fulton, Aardvarck, Sean P, Phil Cooper, Victor Simonelli, Brekbit, Atjazz, Cupp Cave, Michael Rütten, Kwak, … .

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